The Ultimate Guide to the Life-Sized Gundam in Odaiba!

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Experience the marvel of the life-sized Gundam statue standing tall in Odaiba, Tokyo! This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Odaiba Gundam, from its historical background to the specialized model shops and themed cafes in its vicinity. Additionally, we delve into detailed information about nearby facilities and access methods.

Background of Odaiba Gundam:

Why does a gigantic Gundam grace Odaiba? Unearth the origins and history of the Odaiba Gundam. In 2009, as part of a PR campaign for the Tokyo Olympics bid, the first life-sized Gundam was created. Initially displayed in Shinagawa, it attracted an overwhelming 4 million visitors. Responding to its popularity, the Gundam was exhibited in Shizuoka and eventually found a permanent home in Odaiba. However, the exhibition concluded in 2017, making way for the unveiling of the new life-sized Unicorn Gundam.

Odaiba Gundam: The Unicorn Gundam:

Explore the details of the Unicorn Gundam’s exhibition. Standing at a towering height of 19.7m, its most distinctive feature is its transformation ability, replicating the original machine’s mode change. The daytime transformation event, titled “Unicorn Gundam Transformation,” is held four times daily, with each part lighting up during the transformation, culminating in the Gundam’s face turning into Destroy Mode. The nighttime transformation event, held six times every 30 minutes from 19:00 to 21:30, features a lavish display with changing BGM and visuals.


Discover the Gundam-related facility, “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO,” located in Odaiba. Situated on the 7th floor of DiverCity Tokyo, this Bandai-operated store sells 2,000 types of plastic models. The store is divided into various zones, including the Shop Zone, Builders Zone, Factory Zone, and Event Zone, each offering a unique experience.

Access to Odaiba’s Gundam:

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How can you access the Gundam in Odaiba? We provide a comprehensive guide for accessing the Gundam by train and bus.


1-1-10 Aomi, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Inside DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, 2F Festival Square

Yurikamome Line, Daiba Station:

Access the Gundam from the Yurikamome Line’s Daiba Station, directly connected to Shinbashi Station. It is a mere 5-minute walk from Daiba Station.


Visitors are astounded by the Gundam’s immense size and intricate details.

The nighttime transformation event is a must-see, and the exhibition is free of charge.


The Gundam in Odaiba offers a surreal experience akin to stepping into an anime world. Make sure to visit the Odaiba Gundam when you travel to Japan!