Explore ‘Heavenly Delusion’ Manga: A Must-Read Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Now Turning Anime

Anime and Game

Heavenly Delusion” (天国大魔境) is a captivating and complex young adult manga series, originally serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine since the March 2018 issue. Created by Masakazu Ishiguro, the series has been highly praised, even securing the first place in the men’s category of “This Manga Is Amazing! 2019.” Its anime adaptation was officially announced in 2022, adding to its growing popularity.


Set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, 15 years after an unprecedented disaster, “Heavenly Delusion” explores a world where modern civilization has collapsed. The story unfolds through two parallel narratives:

  1. Inside a Secluded Facility: Tokyo lives a sheltered life in a facility isolated from the outside world. A mysterious message asking “Do you want to go outside the outside?” shakes Tokyo’s perception of reality and kindles curiosity about the outside world.
  2. The Harsh Outside World: Meanwhile, in the ruins of Tokyo, Maru, a boy who resembles Tokyo, wanders in search of “Heaven,” accompanied by Kiruko, a girl running a handyman business in the desolated landscape. The world outside is hostile, dominated by supernatural entities and devoid of modern technology, presenting a stark contrast to the protected life within the facility.


  • Maru: A 15-year-old boy, identical in appearance to Tokyo, on a journey to find “Heaven” and a person who looks like him.
  • Kiruko: An approximately 18-year-old girl running a handyman business in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. She accompanies Maru on his quest.
  • Tokyo: A girl living in the isolated facility, curious about the world beyond after receiving a cryptic message.
  • Mimihime: Tokyo’s classmate who possesses the ability to make prophecies.

The characters, each harboring their own mysteries, contribute significantly to the unfolding enigma of the story.

Anime Adaptation

The anime adaptation of “Heavenly Delusion” is directed by Hirotaka Mori, known for his work on “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.” The series composition is handled by Makoto Fukami, recognized for scripting the “PSYCHO-PASS” series. The character design is by Nanfang Research Institute, and Kensuke Ushio, who composed for “Chainsaw Man,” is in charge of the music. The anime is set to air in 2023.


“Heavenly Delusion” Volume 1 is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, priced at $7.99. It has garnered a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on over 100 reviews. The description on Amazon paints a vivid picture of the contrasting worlds within the story: the seemingly idyllic yet curiosity-filled life within the walls and the dangerous, supernatural-inhabited outside world. Maru and Kiruko’s quest across the remnants of Tokyo in search of “Heaven” forms the crux of the story. The first volume was published on December 24, 2019.

For those interested in exploring this intriguing and complex manga, you can find “Heavenly Delusion, Volume 1” on Amazon here.