Elon Musk Explores Tokyo’s TeamLab Planets: Unveiling Astonishment and Allure


X (Twitter) owner Elon Musk made his long-awaited return to Japan after a nine-year absence and drew attention with a visit to the fascinating TeamLab Planets.

This article delves into the captivating aspects of Elon Musk’s favored Tokyo destination, TeamLab Planets.

The Encounter Between Elon Musk and TeamLab Planets

In a surprise move, Elon Musk returned to Japan after nearly a decade and paid a visit to TeamLab Planets, without any prior announcement.


His social media posts suggest Musk thoroughly enjoyed his time at TeamLab Planets, highlighting his appreciation for the experience.


The Enchantment of TeamLab Planets

TeamLab, a conglomerate of ultra-technologists including programmers, engineers, architects, and CG animators, forms the creative force behind TeamLab Planets.

“TeamLab Planets” presents an immersive museum merging art and experience, where art transforms through human movement, immersing visitors in a world of sensory engagement. With two distinct areas—Water Immersion Museum and Flower-Integrated Garden—visitors can share these visually striking moments on social media.

This art museum offers a unique opportunity to connect with art through direct contact with water, and its ever-changing installations in response to seasons and time of day make it a repeatable and engaging experience. Launched in 2018, the museum is available for a limited time until the end of 2023.

Access and Information for TeamLab Planets

TeamLab Planets enjoys a strategic location, easily accessible within approximately 15 minutes by taxi from Tokyo Station or a mere one-minute walk from Yurikamome Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Line’s “Shin-Toyosu” station.

Address: TeamLab Planets TOKYO, 6-1-16 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Duration: July 7, 2018 – End of December 2023
Operating Hours: Daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Special extended hours from August 13 to 15: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM), last entry one hour before closing
Admission: Adults (18 and above) ¥3,800, Middle and High School Students ¥2,300, Children (4–12) ¥1,300, Under 3 free, Disabled Discount ¥1,900
Access: Approximately 1-minute walk from Yurikamome Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Line’s “Shin-Toyosu” station, or around 15 minutes by taxi from Tokyo Station

Future Prospects

TeamLab Planets remains immensely popular within Japan, often resulting in challenging ticket availability. Elon Musk’s visit may further intensify this demand, making tickets even scarcer. However, this visit also holds promising opportunities. Elon Musk’s enthusiasm for innovation could potentially lead to future collaborations with TeamLab Planets.


In this article, we’ve unveiled the captivating art haven, “TeamLab Planets,” visited by Elon Musk during his Tokyo sojourn. When exploring Tokyo, don’t miss the chance to experience it firsthand.