5 Must-Visit Lunch Spots in Yaesu Underground Mall Near Tokyo Station


Tokyo Station stands as a pivotal transportation hub in Japan, frequented daily by numerous travelers and business professionals. Given its bustling nature, there’s a constant demand for spots where one can relish a delightful meal during waiting times. This article unveils some of the top gourmet recommendations easily accessible at Tokyo Station and the Yaesu Underground Mall.

About Tokyo Station Area

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Positioned at the heart of Japan’s capital, Tokyo, this colossal station is a nexus where various train lines, including the Shinkansen, conventional lines, and subways, intersect. The vicinity boasts a plethora of office buildings and commercial establishments, marking it as a focal point for both business and tourism.

With the constant thrum of activity around Tokyo Station, especially during lunch hours, finding a fast-food joint can be quite a challenge. However, the Yaesu Underground Mall offers a myriad of dining options, ensuring you make the most of your waiting time with a scrumptious meal.

Yaesu Underground Mall Insights

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The Yaesu Underground Mall is a vast subterranean commercial complex situated directly beneath Tokyo Station. It’s a haven for numerous eateries and shops, ensuring a comfortable shopping and dining experience even on rainy days.

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Top 5 Gourmet Recommendations for a Quick Bite at Tokyo Station

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We recommend the Yaesu Underground Mall as the best lunch spot while waiting at Tokyo Station. Please visit us as we have a variety of menus that will satisfy you even in a short time.

Itoi: Miso Exquisite Ramen


Dive into a bowl of Miso Ramen with rich Miso soup and chewy noodles at this specialty store.

  • Rich and flavorful Miso soup
  • Chewy noodles
  • Conveniently located

Tsukiji Sushiyoshii: Fresh Sushi Delights

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Experience fresh sushi at affordable prices at this sushi joint directly connected to Tokyo Station.

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Masterful craftsmanship
  • Cozy ambiance

Wako: Crispy Tonkatsu

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Relish the traditional taste of tonkatsu made from premium pork at this renowned establishment.

  • Crispy breading
  • Juicy pork
  • Authentic flavors

Machida Shoten: Creamy Pork Bone Ramen


A popular Yokohama ramen known for its creamy pork bone broth.

  • Rich and creamy soup
  • Variety of toppings
  • Quick service

Ginza Swiss: Hearty Curry Dishes


Dive into a plate of curry characterized by its golden roux.

  • Rich and flavorful roux
  • Generous servings
  • Hearty and filling


The Yaesu Underground Mall is the perfect destination to enjoy a delightful meal during your waiting times at Tokyo Station. With a plethora of dining options, you’re guaranteed a satisfying meal even if you’re short on time. On your next visit to Tokyo Station, don’t miss out on trying these gourmet recommendations.