Top 10 Recommended Capsule Hotels in Tokyo


When it comes to unique accommodations, Tokyo never fails to deliver. Among its myriad options, capsule hotels stand out as a quintessential Japanese experience. These innovative and efficient lodgings offer travelers a glimpse into the future of urban hospitality.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of capsule hotels in Tokyo and present you with a handpicked selection of 10 exceptional options that cater to various preferences and needs.

1. What Are Capsule Hotels?

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Capsule hotels are compact accommodations that emerged in Japan to address the challenges of space constraints in urban environments. Essentially, they offer individual sleeping pods equipped with essential amenities.

These futuristic sleeping capsules are not only efficient and cost-effective but also a fascinating adventure for travelers seeking something beyond the ordinary.

2. Capsule Hotels Are Suitable for Women Too:

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Traditionally seen as spaces designed primarily for male travelers, many capsule hotels have now evolved to cater to female guests as well.

With enhanced privacy features, security measures, and dedicated floors or sections for women, these modern capsule hotels provide a safe and comfortable environment for all travelers.

3. Choosing a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo:

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Selecting the right capsule hotel can greatly enhance your Tokyo experience. Factors such as location, amenities, price, and overall ambiance play a significant role. It’s essential to identify what matters most to you before making a decision. Whether you’re looking for a prime location, a luxurious experience, or a budget-friendly option, Tokyo has it all.

4. Top 10 Recommended Capsule Hotels in Tokyo:

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Here are some popular Tokyo capsule hotels.

1.Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510: Separate Baths & Saunas for Men and Women. Enjoy Alcohol after Bathing.

  • Affordable capsule hotel with dedicated floors for women. Separate baths and saunas for men and women. Enjoy a drink in the coffee corner after getting warm in the baths. Self-service laundry machines available.
  • Access: Approximately 8-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit.

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2. Akihabara BAY HOTEL: Ideal Women’s Hotel for Events and Live Shows.

  • Women-only capsule hotel with secure floor locking using wristband keys. Each floor offers amenities designed from a female perspective.
  • Access: About 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station.

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3. Shinjuku Ward Office Front Capsule Hotel: Abundant Amenities and Business Lounge.

  • Well-equipped with amenities, making it convenient for last-minute stays. Men have access to a large bath, while women can use designated shower rooms. Business lounge on the 4th floor with Wi-Fi and outlets.
  • Access: 4-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit.

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4. Luxury Capsule Hotel Relax Inn Premier Ogikubo Branch: Free Drinks & Meals! Abundant Free Services.

  • Men-only capsule hotel offering 24 types of drinks and meals in the lounge for free. Valuables can be stored in lockers at the 24-hour manned front desk. Check out the economical long-stay plans.
  • Access: Approximately 120 seconds on foot from Ogikubo Station.

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5. Relax Inn Akihabara Electric Town Branch: Men’s Capsule Hotel with Free Drinks and Meals.

  • Men-only capsule hotel with free drinks, meals, miso soup, and eggs as part of the stay package. Over 50 types of grooming products, including famous brands, are available for free.
  • Access: 2-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit.

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6. Capsule Inn Kamata: Features Spa and Sauna. Recommended for Business Use.

  • Male-exclusive facility recommended for business travelers, located near Haneda Airport. Access to the attached Garden Sauna Kamata is complimentary. On-site restaurant opens from 5:30 AM.
  • Access: 2-minute walk from JR Kamata Station East Exit.

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7. NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA: Tatami Lounge. Women’s Capsule Hotel with a Modern Japanese Ambience.

  • Female-only capsule hotel embracing Japanese aesthetics. Enjoy 3 types of baths and quality amenities like DHC’s WAGOKORO series. Relax in the tatami lounge and rent a yukata.
  • Access: About 10-minute walk from Shibuya Station.

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8. 54 Journey Tokyo Akasaka: Convenient Central Location. Spacious Semi-Private Rooms.

  • Clean dormitory-style accommodation just 3 minutes from Akasaka Station. Semi-private rooms are spacious, equipped with charging points, indoor outlets, and WiFi. Microwaves, kettles, and refrigerators available.
  • Access: About 3-minute walk from Chiyoda Line Akasaka Station.

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9. Booth Net Cafe & Capsule: All Facilities from Open Space to Capsule Hotel.

  • Booth Net Cafe & Capsule offers a variety of facilities, including comic and magazine-rich net cafe, open spaces, and private capsule hotel rooms. Enjoy a complimentary drink bar.
  • Access: Shinjuku Station.

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10. Grand Custom Ueno Branch: Unlimited Curry 24/7.

  • A unique complex merging capsule hotel, sauna, and net cafe. Enjoy unlimited special curry 24/7 at no additional cost. Complete amenities provided for a refreshing stay.
  • Access: About 3-minute walk from JR Ueno Station.

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5. Conclusion:

These 10 capsule hotels showcase the diverse range of options available in Tokyo. From luxury to budget-friendly, tech-savvy to cozy and book-filled, each hotel offers a unique experience for travelers seeking an unforgettable stay in this vibrant city.